1st House Neptune

1st House Neptune

1st House Neptune

In astrology, Neptune In Second House rules dreams, imagination, visions and the unconscious. In this placement, people often have a foggy sense of self – they feel as if they are absorbing the energies around them, and it can be hard to gauge their own feelings accurately. They also have a highly sensitive intuition. They can tune into the emotions of others easily and are prone to mood swings themselves. People with Neptune in the first house often make wonderful spiritual guides and healers due to their deep empathy, psychic sensitivity and strong intuition.

They can be empathetic and compassionate individuals who like to help those in need. These people can often get taken advantage of however because of their genuine nature and gullibility. They need to be careful not to lose touch with reality and become too idealistic.

Men with Neptune in the first house are creative individuals who prefer to think about philosophical questions rather than practical matters. They can be very engrossed in their ideas and might even ignore their career in favour of more meaningful activities. They can have a romantic idealism about life and might believe that they are soulmates with their partner.

Neptune in the Second House: Navigating Dreams and Finances

They can be artistic individuals and have a hazy personality that can captivate the attention of others. Women with Neptune in the first house can be sentimental and extremely attached to their loved ones. They can be very imaginative and empathetic individuals with a sweet and charming personality. They are often portrayed as dreamy people who can hypnotize those who surround them with their charm and wit.

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