Cool Gift Ideas For Him and Her

A personalized present is always a solid choice when it comes to gift-giving, and this cool gift ideas lets him choose his own song and design to make a bespoke engraved plaque. If he loves listening to music while working, this smart option will play the tunes from his phone through its speakers. He can use it at home, the gym, and during travel.

Another thoughtful gift for him is this cologne that’s perfect for his signature scent. It’s a blend of Sichuan pepper and bergamot, which capture the laidback essence of summer. It’s also a great gift for men who love to unwind after work with a drink.

Cool Gift Ideas for Every Personality: Finding the Perfect Present

If she loves to cook, a set of handmade ceramic bowls will add a sophisticated touch to her kitchen, and she can even get them monogrammed for an extra special touch. She’ll also appreciate a stylish new towel, especially one made from cotton (it resists makeup stains and odors). It’s a good idea for her to upgrade from her old Ugg slippers to these super-soft cloud slides that feel like literal marshmallows on her feet.

If he’s an athlete, he’ll be all about this top-rated adjustable weight set, which is designed to strengthen his core and lower back muscles. And if he’s into skincare, this face mask is a must-have that has rave reviews for reducing fine lines and smoothing skin. He’ll also enjoy this gift card for Ticketmaster, so he can pick what event to see next.

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