Federal Agent Charged in Cyberstalking Plot Against Ex-Lover

A representative U.S. marshal was charged in a cyberstalking plan that specialists said he propagated with his ex to have a previous darling tossed behind bars, the Justice Department said Friday.

Ian Diaz, 43, is blamed for working with his then-spouse to make counterfeit online profiles in 2016 to act like a lady with whom Diaz had recently been seeing someone, to government examiners. The couple utilized the fake records, acting like the previous darling, to send themselves compromising and badgering messages, including dangers to hurt Diaz’s better half, examiners claim.

The couple likewise posted commercials on Craigslist trying to bait men to be important for purported “assault dreams,” examiners said. The presents guided them on go to the Diaz’s home in Anaheim, California, in what examiners say was an endeavor to arrange a rape of Diaz’s previous spouse and afterward pin the promotions on his ex-sweetheart.

Examiners say the two had “arranged at least one trick rapes and deception endeavored rapes.” They at that point called the police and asked that officials capture the previous sweetheart, showing agents the messages and saying they were composed by the lady, as per court records.

The couple detailed the dangers and postings — that examiners say they made themselves — to nearby policemen. Diaz’s previous sweetheart was captured and accused of conveying the intimidations and was held in prison for very nearly three months “for lead for which they outlined her and indeed executed themselves,” investigators affirm.

Ian Diaz was captured Thursday subsequent to being accused of cyberstalking, scheme to submit cyberstalking and prevarication. A lawyer who addressed him in a connected common case didn’t quickly react to an email looking for input. His previous spouse was not charged in the prosecution.

The couple attempted to cover their activities utilizing virtual private organizations and encoded informing administrations, as per the arraignment.

Diaz, who has filled in as a criminal examiner since 2010 in Los Angeles, has been put on regulatory leave and diminished of his obligations, a representative for the U.S. Marshals Service said in an explanation.

“We treat appropriately any claim of offense by our faculty,” the assertion said. “The supposed activities of this representative don’t mirror the basic beliefs of the U.S. Marshals Service.”

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