Fingernail Wraps

If you’re looking for a nail product that will last longer than your regular fingernail wraps but is still safe on natural nails, look no further than fingernail wraps. These little nail-art appliques are available in a variety of colors and patterns (and even holly-berry-and pine-needle decals for the holidays), and they’re applied just like nail polish. Plus, they’re less damaging to the nail than acrylics and traditional gel manicures if the right products are used, such as a strengthening top coat and cuticle oil or lotion.

Nail Wraps for Fingernails: Effortless Style at Your Fingertips

Nail wraps work best when they’re applied to clean, dry nails with no existing color or polish on them. After scrubbing the nails with alcohol, push back the cuticles using a orangewood stick or cuticle pusher and carefully peel the clear nail wrap off the sheet, starting at the tab end and moving towards the tip of the nail (it’s important to leave some space for air bubbles). Apply it to each nail, pressing down gently on the edges to seal. Gently stretch the wrap until it curves around your natural nail’s free edge shape, then use a file to trim away any excess.

If the wraps aren’t as glossy as you would like, add a layer of Lily & Fox’s Strong Nail Top Coat to extend their wear. But make sure you don’t apply the product when the wraps are wet; exposing them to hot water will cause the wraps to lose their adhesiveness and may even ruin them completely. Once the top coat dries, the nails are ready to go.

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