Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream Canada Temporary Foreign worker Program (TFP). It is also a pilot project that has been established to assist Canadian employers and businesses in hiring highly skilled foreign professionals with the goal of enhancing innovation and to provide them with effective aid in retaining the most efficient workers. Among the many characteristics of GTS that distinguish it from other programs is the willingness on the part of Canadian employers to accept and hire these workers despite the fact that they may not have legal status in Canada. In fact, even if the workers do not have temporary resident status in Canada yet, GTS allows them to work in the country provided that they have the requisite work permits.

A New Opportunity for Temporary Foreign Workers

Like all the other streams of TFP, the GTS also requires that the qualified foreign professionals have acquired the minimum skills and qualifications required for the job. To be eligible for the program, an applicant must first submit an application for admission. Upon acceptance into the program, the applicant must then undergo the in-depth evaluation process, which may involve both written and oral examinations. The applicant must then submit a detailed financial and personal profile, including details about their previous residence as well as work experience and education, to Canadian employment agencies through the e-immigrant platform of the Government of Canada. The Government of Canada web site will also contain information regarding the eligibility requirements needed for the program.

When applying for the GTS, applicants are required to indicate which country they would like to reside as a result of the year they will be immigrating to Canada. Applicants may be required to provide documentation to support this claim. The applicant then submits the application to the Canadian immigration authorities for processing. Once approved, temporary foreign workers will begin arriving in Canada to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Global Talent Stream.

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