How a Number Verifier Service Can Help Your Business


A number verifier service ensures your contact information is valid and active so you can maximize revenue and deliver the best customer experience. Invalid, incorrect, or outdated data increases marketing expenses and slows sales follow-up and communication with customers and prospects. Invalid data also wastes employee time and impedes productivity, hurting bottom line performance. Prevent data errors at the point of entry with phone validation or run a batch validation process to clean up existing database records.

Number Verifier Service: Confirming the Authenticity of Phone Numbers

A good number verification tool will not only verify a valid, working phone number but it can also reveal important information such as the type of line (landline or mobile) and carrier to enable more effective communication strategies. In addition, a number verifier solution can check whether a given phone number is listed in block lists to prevent illegal activities such as robocalling and fraud.

For instance, a REST-based phone number validation API solution such as Nexmo Number Insight is a powerful and scalable tool that allows businesses to identify the current carrier, verify if a number is text message enabled for mobile marketing campaigns, or categorize a recycled number in a do-not-call list to minimize regulatory compliance issues. It offers competitive pricing focusing on accuracy and insights with global coverage to help meet varying verification requirements. The solution can be integrated at the point of entry in web forms, ecommerce orders, or internal databases using an easy-to-integrate API. In addition, a batch processing feature is available for large databases to save time and effort.

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