Kangen Water Review

Ionized alkaline water has been shown to have anti-aging benefits, aid in digestion, help with weight loss and improve skin. It also has antioxidant strength that can combat free radicals and strengthen the immune system.

How does Kangen work?

The kangen water reviews is a water ionizer from Enagic International that claims to produce hydrogen-rich, electrolytically reduced water. They say that the process is what makes their water special and different from other alkaline water machines. However, the same process is used in all quality ionizers and it does not make the water that they advertise as “Kangen Water” any more healthy than other machines.

The kangen water review found that the company uses calcium glycerophosphate in their machines, which can be toxic if you have kidney stones or low stomach acid. This additive has been banned in most countries. If you have these conditions, you should talk to your doctor before buying a kangen water machine.

Another problem with kangen water is the high cost of the machine. The cost is more than double that of other water ionizers and the distributors make it hard to find a genuine product. Some of the distributors are social media influencers that claim to be fitness professionals.

Aside from the high price, kangen water does not provide any significant health benefits that cannot be achieved with other alkaline water. The company also has poor customer service and their machines do not perform as well as other ionizers in the same price range.

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