Streamline processes and automate workflows with Appsheet.

Appsheet Process Development

Over 2 billion businesses demand software applications, but only 10 million developers can create them. AppSheet is a no/low-code platform that allows business analysts and non-technical staff to build apps for their business in minutes.

It works with data stored in Google Sheets to build Appsheet Process Development that runs on mobile and desktop. Its unified view lets users develop and see their apps simultaneously. Changes made in the original spreadsheet are instantly reflected in the application and vice versa.

Automate Your Workflows with AppSheet: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

To start a project, the first step is to define data structures, such as tables with column headers, to help AppSheet understand the structure of the sheets. The system uses machine learning to analyze the data and come up with an initial schema. It identifies the relationships between tables, such as foreign keys and the semantic meaning of each column. It also analyzes the content of each row and its values, including whether they are text, number, or date. It also determines if each field has a unique identifier and, if so, how it is generated.

After defining the schema, AppSheet will build an initial application from templates. For example, if you want to create an app that counts products as they arrive at a warehouse and sends an email to management, it can be done within one day using the existing templates in AppSheet. To make it more efficient, the platform allows you to add machine-learning models that improve the application’s functionality and make it smarter. It also has a flexible pricing model, where you can pay for the usage of your applications based on how many people are accessing them, rather than for each individual user.

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