The Benefits of Playground Markings

playground markings

Playground markings  are not only an incredibly popular feature of school playgrounds, but also play a vital role in children’s physical, social and emotional development. They encourage interaction, allowing children to work together and develop important interpersonal skills. In addition to this, they can stimulate children’s imagination and create a space for them to explore their creativity.

Whether it’s a painted tennis, basketball or football court, or simply a coloured line pattern, playground markings are an easy way to encourage a more active break time. Children of all ages and abilities will be drawn to these areas, which can help improve their hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills and spacial awareness. Creating dedicated areas for specific sports is also an effective way of encouraging team play, which helps to build social skills.

A Fresh Coat of Fun: Transforming Playgrounds with Painting

Unlike traditional painted markings, thermoplastic ones are more durable and weather resistant. This means that they are safer for children to play on and will last longer, reducing the need for regular maintenance. However, it is important to sweep the surfacing regularly to remove any small stones or debris that could damage it.

Thermoplastic markings can also be incorporated into the curriculum, with teaching staff able to use them as learning tools in outdoor lessons. For example, educational markings like a world map, solar system, alphabet spiral and multiplication grid solid one to ten can help reinforce classroom learning in a fun and engaging outdoor environment.

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