What Kind of Bibs Are Best For Newborns?

cotton bibs

¬†Cotton bibs worn around an infant’s neck to protect their clothes from food, spit-up or drool. Babies can start using bibs as soon as they are born or later when they begin weaning or eating solid foods.

Feeding bibs are usually made of thin cotton and can be wiped clean after mealtime. Some also have a pocket at the bottom to catch food that your child drops while feeding so it doesn’t fall onto her lap.

Spitting up is a common issue in healthy babies and infants, especially during the first three months of life. Many parents find that a cloth bib is helpful when their little one starts spitting up a lot (and it can keep her shirt dry from the dribble).

The Benefits of Cotton Bibs for Babies: Soft, Breathable, and Easy to Clean

Smock-style bibs are wipe-clean options that are like the plastic bibs but with sleeves. They can be more comfortable on a baby’s neck and aren’t as bulky as some of the other bibs we tested.

Bandana bibs work for any age and can be more stylish than cloth bibs, which often look too babyish. They also are easy to change from the front to the back of an outfit.

Organic cotton bibs are a great choice for newborns because they’re gentle on delicate skin. They’re also more durable than synthetic fabrics, which are easier to tear. They are also better for the environment, since organic cotton uses less water and energy to produce than conventionally grown crops.

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